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May 21, 2022
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Planethalla v0.3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money):

Planethalla is a role-playing game where you explore a world filled with danger and adventure. You can choose from a variety of character classes, customize your appearance, and embark on a grand quest to save the world from an evil mastermind.

The game is set in a whimsical world of floating islands and forests, and the player must navigate their way through the levels, solving puzzles and defeating enemies in order to progress.


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About The Planethalla Mod Apk :

The game promises a unique and engaging story, with a wide variety of character classes and abilities to choose from. The world is filled with secrets to discover, and the player is free to tackle the game in any order they like.

Planethalla is currently in development by a small team of developers in their spare time, and is looking for financial support to complete the game. If you’re interested.

Planethalla is a new 3D action-RPG that takes place in a unique and colorful world. Planethalla features a unique, card-based battle system with customizable characters and weapons, and a gripping story filled with adventure and conflict.

Planethalla Mod Apk Unlimited Money Features:

– An arcade top-down shooter on spheroids the place you play as a robotic in opposition to alien monsters.

– Three distinctive areas with totally different biomes and dozens of places.

– A wide range of missions to finish.

– Customizable robots with totally different capturing varieties and swift impactful improve system.

– Tons of power-ups to assist you in battle.

– Dozens of enemies to combat.

– Eye-catching visible fashion.

Graphics And Sound Effects Of Planethalla Mod Apk:


There are many types of graphics in Planethalla game. For example, there are the graphics of the game world, the graphics of the characters, the graphics of the monsters, and the graphics of the items.

The game world is made up of a variety of different types of terrain, such as mountains, valleys, and forests. The characters are made up of a variety of different types of polygons, such as human beings, animals, and monsters. The monsters are made up of a variety of different types of polygons, such as dragons, bats, and spiders. The items are made up of a variety of different types of polygons,

Sound Effects:

From the sound of swords clanging against one another to the sound of footsteps echoing through the halls, Planethalla boasts an immersive and dynamic audio experience.

To create the sound effects for Planethalla, our team relied on a variety of software and hardware tools. For example, we used a number of audio editors to create the various sound effects, including Audacity and Adobe Audition. Additionally, we used various audio synthesis software to create unique sounds, including Reaktor and FM8.

Planethalla Mod Apk GamePlay:

The game features a variety of different options that you can customize your experience with. You can choose between a peaceful or violent approach to the game, and choose to play as a single player or multiplayer character. You can also choose to take on the game’s main quest or explore the game’s many side quests.

The game features a unique transformation mechanic that allows the player to toggle between different animal forms at will. This allows the player to access new areas and fight enemies in unique ways, making the game a particularly challenging and fun experience.

Planethalla is a strategic game that takes place in a fantastic and unique fantasy world. Players will control a team of heroes as they journey through the land in search of treasures and glory.

Players will need to use their cunning and strategy to navigate their way through dangerous dungeons, defeat powerful enemies, and collect as many treasures as possible. There are a variety of different quests to undertake, and players can choose to complete them in any order they choose.

There is a lot of replay value in Planethalla, as players can take their team of heroes through the game a number of different ways. There are also a variety of different weapons.


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The game Planethalla comes to a close with the final boss fight against the invading alien force. The player must use all of their skills to defeat the aliens, who are determined to destroy the world. In the end, the player is successful in defeating the aliens and saving the world.



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