Top 11 Youtube features, Which helps you in your daily life, hurry up and see these features…

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Here are some cool and interesting “youtube features” that helps you in your daily routine, While you use youtube…

Everyone loves to watch Youtube videos and per average a normal user spend around 2-3 hours watching video on youtube on the daily basis. Also some people try to develop some new skills, some people gain knowledge with the help of youtube, some people use Youtube or for their entertaining purpose.

Even kids use youtube for their educational purpose like for solving problems and also for their entertaining purpose now days.

We all know about the current situation of COVID, And all school, college are closed due to Epidemic from 2020. And the users on social media increased very rapidly. And most of the people spend their time on social media like on facebook, whatsapp, instagram, tweeter and also on youtube. But the daily using average of social media, youtube have huge numbers of active users.

This is also because youtube is easy to use and access, Also people choose their favourite content or videos easily.

Even we use youtube for a long time but most of the people didn’t know about some cool and interesting “youtube features which is very use for every user of the youtube.

youtube features

So take a look on the some cool and interesting “youtube features“…

  • At first you need to go to play store and update the youtube application and then open the youtube application > Click on profile icon > go to settings of youtube, So here are some youtube settings and also features of youtube.

Go to “general setting” , Here you can see some interesting feature in general setting.

Remind me to take a break :

When you enable this setting then its ask for set hours and minutes, It means when you enable this feature then it reminds you to take a break from watching videos. Its very helpful when you use youtube for a many hours per day then is it is highly recommended to use this youtube feature.

Remind me when it’s bedtime :

If you are watching youtube in late nights then this features is very useful for you, With the help of this feature you can set alarm when it is your bedtime. You can use this feature daily.

Dark theme :

When you enable the dark theme then you will see all the white light turn into black light. The dark mode is very useful while you watch youtube videos and it helps to give you a better viewing quality at night and also n daylight. And also the other benefits of this feature is it reduce the light of display for battery consumption of your smartphone is improves. So this is a pretty good feature of youtube.

Double tap to seek :

While you watch videos on youtube and when you need to skip some part of the video then it skip for 10 sec default. So here you can select the seek time seconds and the limit is from 5 sec to 60 sec. you can select what is useful for you.

Restricted mode :

This feature is very useful when you and also your children watch videos on youtube. when you enable this setting then it hide most of the mature video from your suggestion list also from recommend list. this feature is also very user full when your kids use your smartphone for watch videos.

These are the some cool and interesting general setting of youtube > then go back to setting and here you can see ‘autoplay” click on this.

Autoplay :

If you enable this setting and when you watch video and the current video that you watching is finished then next video plays automatically form below list of your videos.

Youtube quality preferences :

Here you can choose in which quality you want to play your videos on mobile network also on WIFI network. You can choose high quality if you want to see a better picture quality or you can use low quality for data saving, Also you can choose “auto (recommended)” option. when you select this option the videos is automatically choose the quality and it is based on your internet speed.

Downloads :

Here you can select the offline download video quality, which low or high and also you can select the option of “ask each time” so that when to done the videos offline then it ask you for in which quality you wan to download.

Also you can download video on WIFI only by choose the ” download over WIFI only” so that your data will be saved.

Here you can download videos directly in SD card by enabling “use SD card” option.

And you can delete you all download in A single click with the help of ” delete of all downloads“.

You can see the storage of your phone or SD card below those settings.

Watch on TV :

With the help of this feature of youtube you can watch youtube directly on a smart TV.

History and privacy :

Here you can manage your history of youtube you can clear “youtube watch history” and “clear your search history” if you want to delete your browsing history
form youtube.

Incognito mode :

Incognito mode is a very unique and useful feature on you tube. you can read about use of and how it works “Incognito mode

These are cool and Interesting “youtube features” of all time. And you can use these youtube setting on your daily routine while using videos on youtube.

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