Apple TV is now on Android TV devices: Know all the full details quickly

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Finally Apple TV is now on Android TV devices or smart devices, Take a look what’s happen after the Apple TV is on android devices…

We all know about the Apple company which is like a big whale in the technology industry around the world. And every other company want to defeat the apple company and try very hard for this.

Apple company know by their technology and for the different operating system. Also company is very possessive for their user privacy so that they focus on the user privacy. Apple company put user privacy on top priority and that is why people trust on Apple and prefer Apple devices over any brand.

At first only Apple user can uses the all the Apple services on their Apple devices. The main reason behind this is different operating platform That is IOS. And apple develop services according to their operating service.

And apple is very strict about their privacy policy that’s why they didn’t allow most of third party app and services on their devices.And this thing make Apple different from others.

Apple TV is now on Android TV devices

But now Apple company take initiative in other direction too. And try to do something different. And gave their services to others So other people who didn’t use Apple devices, They can also enjoy the Apple services on their smart devices.

YESApple company wants to share their service for the other smart devices, And the first service which is available for other devices is the “Apple TV. At first Apple TV is only Available for the apple devices. But now it is available fro the Android TV and for other smart devices.

Apple TV is now available for all the streaming devices like for Android TV. And after this Android TV user can also enjoy the Apple TV streaming service on the Android devices. Also able to watch all the content which is only available on the Apple TV, Now Android TV user can also stream Apple TV content like Movies, Web series and other content.

Apple TV app is now download from the “Google play store” directly for Android TV. And the Apple TV is available for Android TV 8 And for above versions.

The Apple TV service is big initiative from the Apple company, Mainly for the Indian users where Apple is much popular. But most of the people uses Android TV for watching their favourite stuff. But after the Apple TV people can watch Apple original shows on their Android TV.

But the main thing about the Android devices is that there is lot of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hotstar, Disney+ And other streaming services. And all of these is a big competition for the Apple TV.

So how Apple TV give competition to all other streaming services Android TV, It is not that easy for Apple but they do their best and maybe they can give good competition to all the streaming services. Because we all know about the Apple popularity in India. So it’s pretty interesting while watching the competition between all the streaming services.

Before the Apple TV we didn’t even think that the Apple can give their service to other different devices because Apple never done that before and that is why people want to buy the Apple device so that they can use Apple services in Apple devices. And this concept is make difference between Apple and other companies For example Apple iPhones and Android smartphone, Both have different services.

But now we can assume that Apple shares their services for Android devices in Futures. let’s wait and watch.

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