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Beki apk is for Free live video calling and messages, And people talk with other peoples and make them friends by using Beki social application.

Everybody loves to meet and make new friends on social media platforms. And for this here are many social platforms where people meet and make new friends on the internet from worldwide.

On internet social application is at its peak. And everybody is interacting with new people and make new friends on the internet by using social application from all over the world.

And we know everyone is using internet nowadays and peoples are aware of using internet and social application. And by the using of internet they start knowing other people also if they have same vibes then get in touch and become friends.

Now it is more easy to make new friends on the internet by using social application. Where people can meet new people and make friends. Also people interact with each by video calling and with messages.

And all of this is happened on “Beki apk“, Where user will find new people through video call and become friends of each others on Beki application.

Now let’s talk about the “Beki app” in details like what is Beki?, How Beki app works and What are the Features of Beki app.

Beki apk

What is Beki apk :

Beki apk is newly launched Social application, Where users can meet and make new friends. Beki users can talk to other user via free video calls and with free messages service.

By the using of Beki application user can meet users randomly and make them friends. Also this app is not limited for a single country, Beki apk is available in every country.

That means user can meet and make new friends from every corner of the world and do video call and messages on Beki application.

How Beki Apk works :

Beki apk work on the basis of free algorithm, Where user can make live video calls and messages with other Beki user for free of cost. And this service is for everyone.

On Beki apk people interact with other people randomly from any country through free video calls and then they also use free messages service for the conversation.

That is how Beki application works for their users and make them comfortable while doing free video calls and free messages conversation on the platform.

Features of Beki apk :

Beki application contains many cool and awesome features for their special users. So that when user start using Beki application they never get disappointments. And enjoy on the application.

Live video Calls and messages for free :

On the Beki application users get the feature of free live video calling, So that peoples easily interact with each other and know each other in a better way.

Also when when user are doing video call with other person it gives satifaction to the users and they enjoy it.

User can chat with other user by messaging service. And the mesasges is also free for conversation in Beki application.

Automatic language translation :

When two people talk to each others and if they are from different countries then not to worry about that. Because in Beki application Messages is automatically translated to other person language.

And with this feature there is no language barrier exists between the users. So with the help of this feature everyone can use Beki application and make new friends.

How to download & install Beki apk :

Step 1 : Open playstore.

Step 2 : Search Beki in search bar.

Step 3 : Install and open Beki app.

Step 4 : Login with facebook or google account.

Step 5 : Give required permission and allow to Beki.

Now you can talk via free video calls and with free messages to other Beki users from all over the world. And also meet and make new friends on Beki.

If you want to use more interesting application like Beki then you can check “Yumy app“, Where you can also find new friends easily.

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