Clubhouse a audio-chat app, why it is everywhere… why this app got hype?

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Clubhouse where people communicate each other with an audio chat or do some professional work with number of people…

What is Clubhouse and how people use it ?…

Clubhouse was launched in last year 2020 by Alpha Exploration Co. and clubhouse is a audio chat application, people can listen and communicate with each with live audio chats. There is no video and images sharing option but people can share audio clips. clubhouse application is similar to podcast or conference calling applications where people can use clubhouse as professional or use with family members.

Clubhouse a audio-chat app

Currently clubhouse is only available for i-phone user. And clubhouse room limit is 5,000 peoples at a time which is a huge number.

User can use clubhouse like a conference call where many of people talk at a time and listen at the same time. There is no saving option of audio chats, After the room closed audio chats is automatically deleted.

There is no official website for clubhouse, If you search for the website it shows a single page for the redirect on app store. Where user can download the clubhouse for iphones, ipads.

For the registration on clubhouse user need to feel mobile number and a user name that’s it only. Also this application don’t want any extra permission from the user, Which is pretty good for the privacy and security of user.

People can send invitation for the use of clubhouse to other peoples and whoever wants to join simply auto redirect to app store and download and enjoy with clubhouse.

Recently clubhouse got a hype and a huge user base, And clubhouse is in the headline around the world, Everyone talk about this application, Most of the credit goes to the Elon musk for making clubhouse popular.

Elon musk CEO of space x hosted a audio-chat on clubhouse with Vlad Tenev who is CEO of Robinhood. And that is the reason of clubhouse is in headlines in all over the world. And this audio-chat conversation live-streamed on youtube and this live-stream trend every where and this gives a spark to clubhouse application.

Clubhouse is same like other social media also different from other social media application, On other social media people can transfer images, video, documents and have many other feature for communicating with other peoples, But in clubhouse there is no option for sharing images, videos or document. Here people join on this application and create a room and communicate with audio- chats.

It is similar to podcast application where people do professional work like conference calls or use as a simple social media.

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