Indian government ban Tiktok with 58 other apps permanently, Tiktok cut back on jobs in India

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Indian government banned 59 chinese application include with Tiktok permanently, Tiktok deduct jobs in India after permanent ban…

In 2020 India government banned many chinese applications due to privacy and security reasons of the user. Also these apps collect user data and they failed to give a proper clarification about the collected data and what they do with the user data. That’s why many of chinese application banned in India.

In previous months Tiktok continuously try very hard to convenience Indian government for lifting ban but they failed. But now Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ban Tiktok and 58 other chinese applications permanently.

Indian government ban Tiktok with 58 other apps

After the permanent ban Tiktok parent company “Byte dance” cut back on jobs and reduce the scale of their workspace in India. Byte didn’t shutdown Tiktok completely in India. Hundreds of people lost their jobs from Tiktok after permanent ban.

Tiktok say final good bye ? :

Indian government ban Tiktok permanently and after that Tiktok responds and say good bye to the Indian people and followers but still they said, they hope to come back and Re-launch Tiktok in India. Byte dance said they had not plan to shutting down the platforms in India, they only cut back on jobs and reduce size workspace space.

Tiktok is a entertainment platforms where people can make short videos about their creativity like dance, fun, drama, education and much more. In India Tiktok was very popular and has huge fan base with millions of downloads, mainly the young generation used this platform to show their content.

Tiktok is much popular not only in India Tiktok is very popular worldwide and have huge fan base. Most of the people use Tiktok as a carrier and earn money with entertaining people. But after the ban they lost the Tiktok platform.

Even after the permanent ban by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in India, Tiktok don’t loose hope for comeback and unban in India.

India is biggest market in technology around the world, Every company want to survive in India with their service, But now days Indian government very strict about the user data privacy and security which is a good thing. So if other country apps want to survive in India they have to cooperate with Indian government rules and regulation.

And Recently Tiktok launch a version for TV, now people use and explore Tiktok in Android TV. People who watch TV can entertain themselves with Tiktok.

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