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Popular hike messenger currently shut down, announced by the founder of hike messenger also known as sticker chat. Journey of hike…

Hike messenger was the first Indian messaging app, “Kavin Bharti Mittal” was Founder of hike messenger and launched on December 12 2012 by hike private limited. Hike messenger was available on Android as well IOS platforms and also for windows.

On hike messenger user can register through mobile number, A OTP generate on mobile number and register to hike messenger. Hike messenger was full of fun with more sticker on various languages. Also messenger work offline and as well as work on low network bandwidth. After messaging hike introduced free voice calling and also a free video calling feature.

With chat and messaging feature, User can play games on hike messenger with their friends on messenger, And change interface of messenger with interesting themes, And also chat with emoji’s.

Hike messenger allow user to send file of 100 MB size, Also user send images and video without compression. A story feature was also there where user can add story and show it to friend for 24 hours. Hike had all these feature on 2G network bandwidth also. And messenger work on very low bandwidth and all feature work properly.

For the user privacy and security, All chats are encrypted and people backed up their data locally or saved on cloud sever. Also for a better security hike had a feature of lock for the chats between two users.

Indian messaging app Hike shut down permanently

After a successful launch of hike messenger, User from all over the India start using hike messenger and it seems familiar while using. So people pretty enjoyed of hike messenger. Hike messenger get good response from all over India.

After a certain time hike messenger growth graph is slow down and people stop using. Then hike get funding from various companies and start unique system to get attraction of the user. A referral system announced from the hike messenger team and as per system hike get very good response.

And people start using hike messenger and start referring friend to get paid per referral. At that time hike messenger cross 100 millions download and active users. That was a huge achievement for the hike messenger also this is the first Indian messaging app. And that time people compare hike with whatsapp and users said hike can beat whatsapp at that time.

But on 6th Jan. 2021 founder of hike messenger “Kavin Bharti Mittal” tweeted that they shut down the hike messenger also known as sticker chat. Also Kavin Bharti Mittal said thanks to all the hike user and request to backed up their data from hike till 14 January 2021. And said On hike messenger shutdown and remover from android play store and also from apple store.

After the announcement of shutdown of messenger Bharti Mittal make a tweet and said “Now India won’t have its own messenger” and talks about other messaging company strong network in India like Whatsapp, telegram and Signal. And said telegram and signal both are good as compared to Facebook messaging app like Whatsapp, Instagram and facebook messenger.

After the update of whatsapp privacy policies people use other messaging app to communicate with others. And also very serious about their privacy and security. whatsapp announced their privacy policies and not retrieve, Now only Indian government can dislodge privacy policies.

Was hike messenger beat whatsapp now day’s :

Hike messenger around eight year journey is now finished. Hike get very good response in early year. But recently hike struggle hard to stay in market and if we compare hike with whatsapp, It is very difficult to beat whatsapp.

But now day’s if we look on the controversy of whatsapp privacy policies its seems like whatsapp looses users faith and this the time, If hike messenger present now days then hike can grow very easily in India and also beat whatsapp with huge flux of user base because people want another messaging service like whatsapp and hike messenger is the best option for the peoples in India.

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