Is really Indian government try to control user whatsapp info? … sensational news, You have to know about it.

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A news is spreading like fire on whatsapp that is Indian government try to control user whatsapp information keep eyes on Indian whatsapp users. Is that true or not, Read below about and know what is the meaning of that message which is forwarded by people on whatsapp. Also what government said on this…

In recent day many of whatsapp users In India scared about that India government read their private message and also keep eyes on them. And take action on users if they thought that the particular person do some thing that is not good. and if they find guilt. Then government take legal actions.

Indian government try to control user whatsapp info

All of this started when Indian government announced new IT rules in february 2021 for all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Whatsapp, Google and all other social media platforms. But at that Indian government give time period of three months to all the social media platforms.

So that they get ready for upgrading their services according to the new IT rules. But the time for applying the new IT rule is over now and government announced that the Indian government have rights to shut down that social media platforms which is not agreed to to the new IT rules.

And on 25th may 2021 the timeline of applying new IT rules is over And Indian government announce to take action, After that all social media platform companies afraid and try to convince Indian government And and said that they will corporate with Indian government on the new IT rules.

But whatsapp denied the new IT rules and said that these new IT rules is not good or destroy the privacy protocol of whatsapp, user privacy is not safe if they agreed to IT rules. But the thing is not over yet, “Whatsapp sues the Indian government” for this. After that a legal fight is started between Indian government and whatsapp.

When all of this is happening A message is spreading like a fire in forest, And that message is based on the send/receive TICK of messages and also other many message for all the social media platforms..

Here is the viral whatsapp message news take a look…

In messages if we send or receive some messages then there is some TICK shown. The meaning of those message is explained below also we explain what spreading message says about the TICK…

One TICK means message send
✔✔ Two TICK means message delivered
✔✔ Blue TICK means that message is read by recipenist
✔✔✔ Three blue TICK means government read that message
✔✔ Two blue and one red TICK means that government can take some legal action on you.
✔✔ One blue and two red TICK means government testing your information data on whatsapp.
✔✔✔ And three red TICK means that government took action on you and you will receive a notice from court or from police.

The first three point which explained above and those TICK is genuine and we seen on whatsapp on daily basis, But see what other TICKS said in viral message,

This is all is spreading on whatsapp and people forward this, But is that true? or Indian government try to control user whatsapp information like this.

No Definitely no” this is just a fake message. Also Indian government react on this and clearly denied this, All of this is just a fake new peoples are just scared so that they forward this message in bulk.

Also there are some fake new is viral on social media like…

  • Indian government is take control on every social media.
  • Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and other social media platform is monitored by Indian government.
  • And all the call is recorded by the Indian government from these social media platforms.

But all these viral message is just a fake news and Indian government is not doing such thins, So don’t re-share or forward these messages on social media platforms.

It’s our duty that we stop forwarding these type of fake messages, So don’t panic nothing is happen like this. And we have to stop forward this type of messages.

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