Jiopages web browser, competitor of google chrome… Features of jio pages…

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Reliance Jio launches a safe and simple “Jiopages” web browser. This browser have great features. let’s have a look…

Reliance jio have many applications like myjio, jio chat, jio meet etc. And all these applications launched by Jio platforms limited. Reliance launch application for every field and for every platform like for entertainment purpose and for official purpose.

Recently reliance launch a web browser with the name of jio browser and after releasing of jio browser reliance give updates of jio web browser and the last update of jio web browser is 3.0, But this web browser is not much popular in browser app list.

After that in recent months reliance replace jio browser with jiopages web browser. According to reliance this new browser take care of user data privacy and give user a simple and great fast experience.

Reliance says that jiopages browser is as secure and fast Indian web browser where user can customize their home screen according to their use. And also change themes according their interest. And this jiopages web browser is familiar to use.

web Browser
web Browser

Key feature of jiopages web browser :

Customize Home screen : User can customize their home screen like shortcuts quick links and also feed according to their interest. And also change themes of home screen.

Ad blocker : In many web browser third party site show ads where user clicks accidently and then user privacy threatened by third party site which is not safe. so an Ad blocker in-built in jiopages for blocking the ads.

Incognito mode with PIN : In jiopages there is also a incognito mode but the main thing is password protected incognito mode. Means in incognito mode user can secure the incognito mode with a pin also with biometric authentication. So that if other people uses your phone then they didn’t see your private browsing without authentication.

Regional local languages : In Jiopages there is 12 regional languages like hindi, english, tamil etc and user choose their languages and also customize their feed with compatible language. So there is no barrier of languages while using this web browser.

Extra browsing feature : Jiopages provide a voice search for the better and smart browsing . There is also a QR code scanner for scanning of QR codes.

Smart download manager : when user download different type of file like MP3, video, docs and JPG image file than smart download manager automatically categories on the basis of file type. Like all the docs file show in a column and same as JPG, MP3 and for video files jiopages web browser also enhance the downloading speed of files.

These are the main key feature of jiopages web browser.

How to download :

Step 1 : Goto playstore.

Step 2 : search jiopages.

Step 3 : click on install button.

that is how you install and download the jiopages web browser.

Google chrome VS jiopages :

If we compare both the browser side by side than both web browser have some similar feature and also both have their great feature accordingly.

But the main and a great features of Jiopages is incognito window mode with pin security and also with biometric security. And other main feature in jiopages have smart download manager so that downloaded files can be easily categorized. Smart download manager also enhance the downloading speed of the files.

When it comes to google chrome, google chrome browser is very trusted and secured. And the performance and the feature of google chrome is on point in every way.

And also google comes with 47 languages world wide and very popular around the world on android as well as on IOS or on windows.

so both the web browser have their great and unique features.

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