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Jul 15, 2022
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Jungle Squad Rescue Animals is a new rescue game for iPhone and iPad. The game has you help a group of animals escape from a Lab that is going to be destroyed. The animals have to use their skills to escape and find a safe place. The game is simple to play, but hard to master. You have to use your skills to get the animals to safety before the Lab explodes.

Jungle Squad Game Overview:

Jungle Squad Rescue Animals is a new 3D mobile game developed by Playrix Games. The game is based on the well-known Rescue Animals franchise. In Jungle Squad Rescue Animals, you play as a brave animal handler who must save as many animals from danger as possible. The game features exciting 3D graphics and great gameplay.

Jungle animals had been captured. Your mission within the recreation is to collaborate with the remainder of the animals to bombard the obstacles, destroy the enemies and rescue their mates.

Are you indignant at this time? Begin the thrilling slingshot journey of rescuing your kidnapped friends! Climb the leaderboards with your mates, kind clans, acquire cash, tackle challenges, and take part in entertaining occasions in recreation modes. In essentially the most entertaining Jungle Squad recreation ever, evolve your crew and showcase your abilities.

In the game, players control a team of animals as they attempt to rescue animals from a jungle compound. The game features eight levels, each with different obstacles and enemies. The game also features a co-operative multiplayer mode.


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How to Play:

+ To maneuver and destroy, use the slingshot: drag and drop.

+ Finishing day by day challenges and spinning will reward you with power-up gadgets.

+ Improve your energy through the use of power-up gadgets to defeat your enemies.

Game Features:

Many various animals with explicit options to place within the slingshot and defeat the enemies with technique!

Genuine sound

Many forms of highly effective gadgets you should buy within the retailer.

Take pleasure in enjoyable and satisfying slingshot gameplay!

Multi-stage ranges: Play enjoyable, difficult ranges with a number of phases – simply be careful for the final enemies!

FREE to obtain! — Jungle Squad: Rescue Animals is totally free to play.

Jungle Squad: Rescue Animals options difficult physics-based gameplay and hours of replay worth. Every stage requires logic, ability, and pressure to resolve!

Rescue Animals:

The game is based on a story of a group of animals who have to rescue each other from a jungle. The game is played with a mouse and you have to help the different animals to escape from the jungle. You have to help them to find food, water, and shelter. The game is very funny and you will have a lot of fun playing it.

is a new jungle adventure game that will take you to the heart of the animal kingdom. As a Rescue Ranger, your mission is to save the animals from the local hunters. At each level, you must use your skills and abilities to help the animals escape before the hunters can catch them. To complete each level, you must help the animals cross rivers and navigate through dense forests. use your mouse to play the game.

Jungle Squad Rescued Animals is an exciting and fun game that is sure to please children and adults of all ages. The objective of the game is to help the animals escape from the jungle and return to their habitats. The game is played by selecting one of the four animals and then selecting one of the three available missions. The different missions include rescuing animals from a tree, rescuing animals from a flood, and rescuing animals from a fire.

The player must use their intelligence and agility to complete the task and rescue as many animals as possible in the allotted time. The player can also use their special abilities to help them complete the mission. The player can also use their special attacks to destroy obstacles and enemies. The game is easy to play but difficult to master and is sure to be a hit with children and adults of all ages.


Jungle Squad Rescue Animals is a fun and exciting game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. In this game, you play as a rescue animal who is tasked with saving as many animals as possible from being captured and taken to the circus. The game is interactive and challenging, and it will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you are a fan of animal games, then Jungle Squad Rescue Animals is a game that you will definitely want to check out.

Get to know all the iconic characters and expertise the enjoyable gameplay that has captured the hearts of thousands and thousands of gamers. FREE to download. Jungle Squad Rescue Animals is a fun and exciting game that will have you playing for hours on end. The game is based around rescuing animals from dangerous areas and bringing them back to safety. You will have to use your skills and intelligence to navigate your way through the dangerous jungle and rescue as many animals as possible.


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In the game Jungle Squad Rescue Animals, players take on the role of a zookeeper who must save the animals from a group of evil pirates who have taken them captive. To do this, players must use their zookeeper skills to capture the pirates and rescue the animals.

Throughout the game, players will need to use their zookeeper skills to keep the animals safe and healthy. They will need to feed them, water them, and keep them clean. In addition, they will need to keep an eye on the pirates and make sure they don’t escape.

The game is very challenging and will require you to use all of your skills in order to succeed. The game is very fun and will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. If you are looking for a fun and exciting game to play, then Jungle Squad Rescue Animals is the game for you.


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