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Jul 13, 2022
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Junkyard Keeper is a game that pits players against each other in a race to build the best collection of junk. Players take turns building cards from their hands and placing them on the board, trying to outdo their opponents by building the most valuable pieces of junk. The first player to collect 8 pieces of junk wins the game. Run your legendary junkyard and maintain discovering treasures!

About The Game:

In Junkyard Keeper, players are owners of junkyards, and their goal is to amass the most valuable collection of scrap while avoiding the other players. The game is played over a series of rounds, in which players take turns playing one of four basic actions: buy, sell, collect, or trash. During each turn, players can either buy or sell items, collect new items, or trash old items. The game is won by the first player to score 10 points, or by the player who has the most valuable collection at the end of the game.


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Drive your accumulating truck and clear up the totally different sorts of rubbish within the enormous junkyard: metal rubbish, meal scraps, and extra! Transport the rubbish again to your base, recycle it and switch it into cash! In the meantime, you will be scouring the junkyard for the hidden treasures and even elements to assemble new & energy automobiles!

Preserve unlocking new upgrades on your automobiles. Spend cash to improve your truck, enhance the capability, transfer velocity, and even evolve your car to a subsequent stage and turn out to be larger and extra environment friendly

Wonderful Options:

– Beautiful, easy, and pleasing gameplay

– Tremendous satisfying physics

– Glorious graphics and animation make you stress-free

– Unlock various kinds of rubbish and totally different junkyard places

– Handle your junkyard and switch waste into treasure

 Unlock More Garbage Collector:

Ever since I got my Junkyard Keeper, I’ve been unlocking more garbage collectors. I’ve unlocked the Small Garbage Collector, the Medium Garbage Collector, and the Large Garbage Collector. I’ve also unlocked the Boss Garbage Collector, which is the biggest garbage collector in the game.

The Small Garbage Collector is the smallest garbage collector in the game. It can only hold up to 10 pieces of garbage. The Medium Garbage Collector is the next size up. It can hold up to 30 pieces of garbage. The Large Garbage Collector is the biggest garbage collector in the game. It can hold up to 100 pieces of garbage.

The Boss Garbage Collector is the biggest garbage collector in the game and it’s also the toughest garbage collector to unlock. It takes a lot of coins to unlock it and it’s also very difficult to survive against the Boss Garbage Collector. But I’m determined to unlock it and I hope that I can eventually succeed.

Find Treasures:

Junkyard Keeper is a treasure-hunting game for two to four players. In each game, players take on the role of treasure hunters trying to find as many treasures as possible. The game is played over a series of rounds, with each player receiving a hand of treasure cards. On a player’s turn, they draw a treasure card and play one.

Treasures can be placed on the player’s home row, in front of them, or in the player’s graveyard. When a treasure is placed on a player’s home row, the player can either take the treasure or place another treasure on top of it. When a treasure is placed in front of the player, the player can either take the treasure or place another treasure on top of it. When a treasure is placed in the player’s graveyard, the player cannot take the treasure but can instead place another treasure on top of it.

Unique GamePlay:

The objective of the game is to help the player manage and maintain a junkyard, by cleaning up the debris, repairing broken objects, and creating new storage spaces for the vehicles.

The game is played from a top-down perspective, and the player must use the touchscreen to interact with the game environment. Objects can be picked up and placed on the ground, used to break objects, or used to create new storage spaces. Vehicles can be moved around the junkyard and must be repaired if they break down.

The game is free to download and play, and there is no in-app purchase required. There are no ads, and the game can be played in short or long sessions. There are no levels or bosses, and the game is not strategic in nature. Junkyard Keeper received mixed reviews from critics.


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Benefit from the simulation & arcade gameplay and maintain upgrading unlock extra rubbish collectors akin to vacuum vehicles, grinders, and even helicopters! One man’s trash is one other man’s treasure! Begin your journey as a junkyard tycoon now!

Junkyard Keeper is a fun and addicting game where you must keep your junkyard in top shape by collecting garbage and recycling it to make money. To do this, you’ll have to manage your resources wisely and keep your yard clean.

Junkyard Keeper is a game that tasks players with keeping their junkyard clean and organized. Players must use their creativity and resourcefulness to get their junkyard in order, while at the same time making sure the cars and other debris don’t pile up too high.

To start off, players must collect the various debris around their junkyard. This can be done by either picking it up with their hands or using the various tools available to them. Once the debris is collected, players can dump it into the appropriate waste bin, clean up any dirty areas, or use the debris to build new structures.

As the junkyard fills up with more and more debris, players must work to keep the area clean and organized. This means sorting through the cars and other debris to find the items that are needed, and putting them back where they belong. Junkyard Keeper is a fun game that is easy to play but can be challenging to master.


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