Now disable people can use android smartphones with eyes and face gestures with 2 new features!…

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Now disable people can use android smartphones with their facial gesture easily and operate their smartphones…

We all know that there is a big number of disable people around the world who is struggling with their basic work in daily life. And using smart phones is a major task to those peoples.

In recent past years google update the android version rapidly and improved version of android helped a lot in our daily life. With day by day improving of technology in smartphones makes our work easier.

Almost 70% of the smartphones work on the google android version around the world, That means most of the world population using android phone and that is is large number compare to others operating system.

Also google improve their technology in such a way that disabled people can also use the smartphone in their daily life.

The best example is the handicapped people or blind people can use the smart phone with voice commands like open screen lock, Call with voice command and much more. So the feature of voice command helped us a lot.

Even every people use the latest technology of the google like when we want to do something hands free we just say “Hey Google or Hey bixby” and then we do whatever we want like calling, internet surfing, playing music and much more with just our voice command.

And now google work on new feature on android smartphones so that disabled people can also use the smartphone with using their facial gesture, smile and with the movement of the eyebrows.

For this technology google says that they use the new technology for detecting of the movement of facial gestures and then gesture processed in operation of smartphones.

Google said that they work on new technology like this so that android is more accessible to everyone and every people can uses their products without facing any difficulties. And also this is a good thing that new technology simplify every human life in such a good way.

Google introduced this technology and for the disable people, And the fact is that not every one can speak or use their hands to operate the smartphones and do their daily task. but most of disabled people can express and tell something with their facial expression.

Simple explanation of new feature :

Facial expression also speaks a lot without any word, And this new technology of google use the facial expression for the operation of smartphones.

And smartphone work according to the raising eyebrow movement, with smile, open mouth and look left or right. All of these facial gestures read by the camera and sensor and then smartphones work on the basis of these gestures.

In simple word it is like that the facial expressions converted into machine language with the help of camera and sensors.

Not only google even Microsoft and apple also working on these type of technologies for better experience of the users with their products and devices.

we have already seen the voice assistant in many devices of Apple and Microsoft and they work on the technology that can help disable peoples and make an easy life for those peoples with the new technology.

All the companies wants that their product is more demandable so that everyone can use their technology, And if demand and supply increased it is profitable for the companies.

And they work on this type of technology which help the disable people and this is a great thing.

In future it’s interesting to see that what type of new technology introduced by those companies which help us to make our daily life easy and simple.

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