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Jul 12, 2022
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Welcome to Refantasia Charm and Conquer! In this game, you will play as one of the most powerful magicians in the land. Your goal is to use your magic to conquer new lands and defeat your rivals. To do this, you will need to use your charm and cunning to overcome your opponents. You will need to use your magic to defeat their armies and capture their castles. You will also need to use your magic to collect resources and build powerful structures.

About The Game:

Charm and Conquer is a turn-based strategy game. You will move your creatures around the battlefield, attacking enemies and casting spells to help your team take over the map. The game features lush 3D graphics and fun, strategic gameplay.

If you love Mabinogi or strategy games in general, you will love Charm and Conquer. The game is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

In Refantasia Charm and Conquer, you will need to use your magic to overcome your opponents. You will need to use your charm and cunning to conquer new lands and defeat your rivals.

Refantasia Charm and Conquer is a new strategy game for mobile devices that is based on the popular game franchise, Refantasia. The game is set in a fantasy world where you must help the princess save her kingdom from the evil dragon.


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The game features beautiful graphics and a variety of different spells that you can use to defeat your enemies. You must also be careful not to overspend your resources, or you will be forced to restart the level. The game is very challenging and will require you to think ahead in order to successfully complete the level.

Refantasia Charm and Conquer is a great way to spend some quality time on your mobile device. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, so you will be sure to have a lot of fun playing it. If you are a fan of the Refantasia franchise, then you definitely need to check out Refantasia Charm and Conquer.

Game Modes:

[Every Lord Starts Somewhere]
In a world ruled by superstition and concern, construct a stronghold using your superior scientific information and strategic perception to beat ignorance and opposition. Assemble your group to assist handle the operations on the house entrance and benefit from the rewards of a productive economic system with only one click!

[Oaths of the Sword]
Would possibly be not at all times proper, to win the guts and loyalty of your followers along with your charisma and mind. Degree up your heroes and prepare your troops robotically so that you could overcome all opposition and conquer the world!

[Romantic Encounters of Chance]
Elves, beauticians, fairies, demons, and even goddesses… What sort of sparks will encounter in your journeys? Create your individual love tales with completely different consorts and uncover the enjoyment of parenthood surrounded by your offspring. Your harem begins right here!

[The Enemy of My Enemy]
Construct alliance with like-minded vacationers and combat your widespread enemy. Set up nearer ties along with your allies by an intricate net of marriages between your heirs/heiress and theirs, which is able to deliver you a fantastic bonus! You do not have to combat your enemies on their lonesome by yourself!

Defeat Bosses:

Refantasia Charm and Conquer faced their final enemy boss and emerged victorious! The enemy boss was a tough opponent, but with the help of Refantasia Charm and Conquer’s new abilities, they were able to defeat him As Refantasia Charm and Conquer players, we were excited to face the enemy boss and claim our victory. After defeating the boss, we were ecstatic and felt victorious. However, we soon realized that we had not won the game. The enemy still existed and could potentially come back and defeat us. This is a reminder to always stay vigilant and always prepare for the next battle.

Refantasia Charm and Conquer was a great game. I enjoyed playing it and the final boss was very exciting. The game was well designed and the graphics were amazing. The music was also very good. Overall, I enjoyed playing Refantasia Charm and Conquer and would definitely recommend it to others.

In Refantasia Charm and Conquer, players can unlock new levels by earning points and completing tasks. Levels are earned by completing tasks, such as collecting items, defeating enemies, and rescuing citizens. Players can also earn points by completing challenges, such as completing a level within a specific time limit.

Once a player has earned enough points, they can unlock the next level. Levels can be played in any order, so players can choose the level that is the most challenging or fun. In addition to unlocking new levels, players can also unlock new characters and items. Characters can be unlocked by earning points, and items can be unlocked by completing challenges.

Players can also earn bonus points by completing tasks that are related to the game’s story. This gives players the opportunity to earn extra points and unlock bonuses that are not available through other means. Overall, Refantasia Charm and Conquer is a fun and challenging game that is perfect for players of all.


Refantasia Charm and Conquer is a new, free-to-play browser game that draws inspiration from the classic JRPGs of yesteryear. In Refantasia, you play a young girl who is tasked with saving her world from an evil empire.

In Refantasia Charm and Conquer, you control your heroine as she explores the world, defeats enemies, and collects treasures. Along the way, you’ll find powerful weapons and magic that you can use to fight off the empire.

The game has players assembling various creatures, objects, and landscapes to create beautiful works of art. The game has a unique Charm and Conquer mechanic, in which players must position their creatures in order to break through obstacles and conquer new lands.


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Charm and Conquer is an addictive and challenging simulation game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. The game has a beautiful art style that is sure to please any puzzle game fan. The game also features a fantastic Charm and Conquer mechanic that is sure to keep you entertained. Whether you are a fan of puzzle games or creature-collecting games, Charm and Conquer are sure to please.

The game Refantasia Charm and Conquer  Mod is easy to pick up, but challenging to master. You’ll need to strategize and use your abilities wisely to defeat the enemy. If you’re up for the challenge, then Refantasia Charm and Conquer are definitely for you.


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