Signal social messaging application hacked by “cellebrite” ?…Signal despite the claim of hacking.

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A israeli hacking company cellebrite claimed that they hacked one of the most secured messaging app signal and signal despite the claim…

A social messaging app “signal” is very popular messaging app around the world. And signal got hype when whatsapp update their privacy policy and people scared about the privacy and security and than people want a secure platform for their use and at the same time SpaceX CEO Elon musk make a tweet and said people to use signal.

After that signal messaging app got huge traffic of user and millions of people start moving to signal and use signal because of their privacy and security concern.

Signal foundation claims that signal app is most secured application in the list of most secured app worldwide and said signal app provide user end-to-end encryption and keep user conversations safe and secure. And they do not read messages and listen call of user and even they didn’t save data of user calls and messages.

People who give priority to their privacy and security use signal after deny of using whatsapp or other messaging applications and user trust on the signal messaging app because of the claims of most secured messaging app by signal.

signal messenger
signal messenger

But in recent days a israeli company named “cellebrite” claims that they hacked the most encrypted app that is signal. Also they post a blog on their site and showed how they hacked the signal messenger. cellebrite claims that the hacked signal through a apple device with the help and use of signal’s open source code and also mentioned they did with a locked apple device and decrypt signal app. But cellebrite delete the blog or article form their site after a certain time.

Cellebrite company make unlocking device and software in the market and had many devices for the unlock the device and read digital data or investigate on digital devices with the help of PC, dekstop or with phones.

After the claim of signal hack by cellebrite company signal didn’t respond. But after the allegation a controversy start on privacy on signal messaging app encryption. people start pointing out on the privacy and security claims by signal.

And then signal defend and response on this controversy and despite the claim of hack into signal messaging app. and said signal is most secure encrypted application in the list of secure app list in the world.

Signal company despite the claim of hack of signal app by cellebrite company and explain celllebrite didn’t explain how they do it with their device and also cellebrite didn’t mention the device name of Apple while hacking .

So signal company deny the fact of hacking into signal with their own explanation. But according to experts on the hacking of signal by cellebrite company is quite believable and that is possible. they said on the basis of hacking proofs and steps on the blog or article on the site of cellebrite.

After this controversy between signal and cellebrite companies people make their own perception which is may be true or not like it may be a promotion or market strategy use by the cellebrite company for their product and device and showed up how they work for analyzing or do investigation on digital devices .

And also people thought that there is a chance of decrypt and hack of signal messaging app which is claimed by cellebrtite company with the help of their digital data collecting or investing devices. And signal company tried to cover up this topic and hide the fact of hacking of the signal application by despite the claim from cellebrite company.

Actually there is nothing is impossible maybe cellebrite company hacked the signal messaging app or they just doing marketing of their product and in other hand signal company hide their flaws and mistakes for signal app.

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