Telegram vs Whatsapp vs Signal feature and securities, which one is best and secured : apkplane

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Look on the feature and securities of Telegarm , Whatsapp and Signal and find the best messaging app to connect with friends family and all over the world…

After whatsapp privacy policy controversy people switch to many messaging like telegram, signal and on other platforms , but it is difficult to choose which one is best and have extra feature with extra privacy and security of user . People switching to other messaging after after update of new privacy policies, so other messaging app like telergram get huge flux of new user and download graph rise instantly.

Telegram vs Whatsapp vs Signal  feature
telegram, whatsapp. signal

Telegram feature and security:

In recent days telegram get 25 million new user and also crossed 500 million active user data base around the world. And now people choose telegram for connecting and communicate with others.

  • Telegram is a free and open source messaging app , there is no fee for download and for using app.
  • There is no adds and promotions shown when user use the app.
  • User chats and media automatically stored in telegram cloud , no feature to attach other cloud with telegram. Also telegram chat backup can store in SD card or in memory card.
  • In telegram people can connect each other via mobile or with a unique user name or id which is given when user create account on telegram.
  • Telegram feature to compress photo and video media while sending, it depend upon user how user send file compress or without compress.
  • User can crate channel or group with up to 200,000 members and joined channel or group wit join link or bye name of group.
  • Telegram give feature to send file size up to 2 GB.
  • Telegram app provide audio and video calling feature.
  • Telegram claims not to give user data to third parties.
  • User can chat with end-to end encryption by use secret chat option other wise there is no encryption of chats of user.

Signal feature and security :

Recently signal become popular around the world and 17 million new user joined the signal and have 50 million active user data base globally in large number people switch to signal.

  • Signal is also a free messaging app and work on open source protocol.
  • Also signal is add free and friendly messaging app for the user.
  • User can backup data locally or direct transfer data from old phone to new phone by the use of transferring option.
  • People can connect each other by registering their mobile number on signal.
  • Also voice and video calling feature in signal, and up to 8 people can communicate at a time.
  • People can create group and join bye joining link and group member limit is 1000.
  • In signal file size limit is 100 MB.
  • In signal every chat is already end-to-end encrypted and secured. signal not share data with third parties app claimed by signal.

Whatsapp feature and security :

Whatsapp is very popular messaging app around all over the world , And whatsapp have 500 million active user data base.

  • Whatsapp is add free messaging app and user can download and use it without pay fee.
  • Whatsapp allow user to backup of chat and messages to I cloud, Samsung cloud or on other cloud service , and also a local backup of a week.
  • User can communicate each other by registering on whatspp by their mobile number.
  • Also user can talk freely with voice and video calling up to 4 people at a time , this feature is available on whatsapp.
  • In a whatspp group 256 member can join.
  • Sending file size limit on whatsapp is 100 MB.
  • User can use whatsapp parallelly on dekstop , I pad and on laptop by whatsapp web feature.
  • A interesting feature in whatsapp is status feature, user can put story for 24 hours and share photos and videos saw to others on whatsapp status.

In recent days whatsapp update its privacy policies, in which whatsapp share user data with facebook and with instagrams, for showing related adds on facebook and on instagram. But chat is end-to-end encrypted.

After the update of privacy policies and terms people worried about their privacy and security. And people switching to other messeging app like Signal and Telegram. These are the main feature and securities of Telegram, Signal and Whatsapp.

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