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Top 5 upcoming futuristic smartphone technologies we will in next couple of years and the upcoming futuristic technology may changed human’s life completely.

We all know that how fast smartphones technologies grew up day by day. And new technologies help us in our daily life also make every things easier for us.

If we talk about past 7 years, Then there is not much revolution in the field of smartphone technology. Because at that time we all are just using same technology that running from back like : stifle Keypad type phone, Black & White displays, Simple mobile phone with small tower for range etc.

And at that we can’t imagine that we can see the touch display mobile phones without any single push button on the screen. And there is no camera in mobile phones.

After that time start changing and the smartphone technology rapidly growing very fast in past 5 years. and from the era of 2G and simple phones now we are in the 4G/5G screen touch smartphones.

Nowadays a lot of smartphone who’s competing with each other and everyone tries to make something better from other. And this competitive thinking of the giant smartphone companies gave us many new technologies in recent 5 years.

Also the revolution in smartphone technology most of the credit goes to last 5 years because in last 5 years smartphone technologies break all the records of revolution.

There is no full stop in the revolution of smartphones technologies because there is much more to coming in future. And in the list of coming technology here are some new upcoming technology that we can see in next couple of years.

Top 5 Technologies

So let’s discuss the top 5 upcoming new smartphones technologies we will see in future.

Nano batteries :

As we all know that a Lithium-ion batteries is used for powering up a smartphone and those batteries is mostly used in every company smartphones.

And in recent years we can see that batteries capacity is increased and also the charging time is now decreased. that is all happen by improving the battery technology.

Nowadays we will charge our phone in just 30 or 45 minutes. And all the companies give super fast charging also with good battery backup.

But all of this is not enough because battery making companies try to make Nano batteries so that mobile phones batteries is charged in just few minute and give extra long backup.

And this type of nano batteries is in development state so that we can see this new technologies in our smartphone very soon.

e-Sim card :

eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) is a small SIM card integrated on the inside of the phone. So that no need to give individual slot for the SIM card. Also it is activated by the service provider when you want to activate.

In simple words eSIM is a Chip which is integrated on the the PCB of smartphone from inside and then no need to give special slot for SIM card. And after the activation it work as Simple SIM card but without a Physical appearance.

This new technology is used in few smart watches and also in few smartphones because by the use of eSIM lot of space is saved and the device made compact in size.

We will able to see this technology in every smartphone and smart watches in next coming years.

AI Smart Cameras :

AI Smart Cameras is a new type of cameras that identify or detect the moving object and also identify that object or person is looking on the camera.

This new type of AI Smart Cameras can understand the behaviour of the object and then act accordingly.

In future AI Smart Cameras will be used in upcoming futuristic Smartphone and its interesting to see hot it works.

Flexible & Self Healing Screens :

Flexible screens is already used in smartphone display for a example Samsung galaxy z Fold3 And Motorola Razr etc.

But the screen healing process in these smartphone display is slow, Means when you fold and open the phone then a thin line is visible in the folding area and it takes time to heal.

No doubt, these company improved their screens But not this is enough. It requires more time and development.

And maybe in future will see a new Flexible & instant Self Healing Screens in smartphones.

5G :

From 2019 we all heard about the 5G internet and communication technology. And many companies start testing the 5G internet. Also some companies testing successfully.

And we also know there many of smartphone companies start giving 5G band support in their smartphones.

We all heard that 5G is capable for download the high GB files in just a few second because we assume the speed of the 5G internet is very fast.

And everyone is excited for the 5G network, So let’s when it comes in final and then we know how can we use 5G network and communication.

The revolution of the smartphone technology realise us that nothing is impossible we do all the thing in the future we didn’t imagine yet. So let’s wait and watch how and when we use these new technologies.

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