Youtube incognito mode new feature, how to turn it on and how to use it…

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Youtube provide a cool feature in youtube that is “youtube incognito mode“, Here is the way to turn it on or off…

In recent updates of youtube application, Youtube added the incognito mode where you can use as same as google chrome incognito mode. And browse safely without any browsing history.

It means when you turn on incognito mode then you can do private browsing on youtube and no one can see you your browsed history if someone use your phone or when you use other phones.

youtube incognito mode

Simple step for using incognito mode in youtube on your smartphone…

Step 1 : At first you need to go to Play store and update the latest version of youtube application.

Step 2 : After the first step, open youtube application and sign in with your Gmail account if you are not signed in.

Step 3 : Then go to profile icon and click on it.

Step 4 : here you can see a option “Turn on Incognito” click on it.

Step 5 : After click on incognito option you can see a popup in this popup they tried to explain the how incognito mode works on youtube.

In this popup youtube clearly mentioned that they didn’t save your browsing history or what you search after incognito mode on. But your internet service provider knows about your browsing history. Or if you work in a organization or your are in school collage, Then their service provider knows about your browsing history.

Step 6 : After that click on “GOT IT” .

And now incognito mode is turned on in your youtube application. There is no google account shown on above profile icon.

While you use youtube in Incognito mode you can only watch video or browse. Yu can’t download videos offline and also you can’t see your subscribed channels in subscriptions section.

How to turn it off…

Simply go and click on incognito mode icon and click on “Turn off Incognito mode“. Incognito mode is now turned off and you are back on your normal youtube and you signed in automatically.

So there is no history save while using youtube application in incognito mode as like google chrome incognito mode…

Some time you notice when you search any topic and browsing videos on a particular topic then youtube showing you ads according to your browsing history or recommend videos accordingly.

So with the use of incognito mode you can search any topics and watch videos and when you turn off the incognito mode then no related ads or recommended videos is shown on the basis of your recent private browsing history.

So this how you turn on or off incognito mode also these are the benefits of using incognito mode in youtube application.

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