Battleground mobile India launch date, New item teaser…Read quickly what new item is?…

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Battleground mobile India launch date is announced and also battleground India release new teaser of item…

Battleground mobile India continously make hype for the game by releasing new teaser time by time so that they get attention from people before launching. Battleground mobile just want people get excited so that when they release the game then they get huge player who is waited for the game.

And also people are very excited for the game because the game is released in a Indian avatar after a long time and we all know people got mad for this game. And also at first they didn’t want pubg ban but Indian government ban the Player unknown battleground” because of privacy issues with pubg game.

And After the ban pubg trying very hard for comeback in Indian. That is why they convinced the Indian government and government want some change in pubg privacy policy like India government didn’t want to approve “tencent game company” because tencent have alligation for using Indian user data. So pubg company decide to break connection with tencent game in India.

Pubg team also agreed with all the term and condition from the Indian government and make changes in their privacy polices and also change the partner. But after all of this it doesn’t work in that way and Indian government didn’t want to unban the pubg in India.

Then pubg game company decides to make a new version for the Indian user. So pubg team change the name of the game from Player unknown battleground to Battleground mobile India and also give a new hahstag and a trending name that is INDIAKABATTLEGROUNG“. And this hashtag is already trending on all the social media platforms in India.

And after all of this Pubg team finally approved by the Indian government and make a new version of pubg mobile with a new name “Battleground mobile India”. After the added the country name is the game name people were also emotional attached with this game.

Battleground mobile India launch date

Battleground mobile India launch date :

Krafton start pre-registration from 18th may 2021 so that people pre-register for the game on play store. But didn’t announce the launching date yet. Also form the leaks we knew the releasing date of “Battleground mobile India“.

According to the leaks game will be launched in the 3rd week of JUNE 2021. Means the exact date is not revealed but here we got some idea about the releasing date of Battleground mobile India. So we didn’t wait for long time, We can stat playing the game from third week of JUNE 2021.

We also expect that Krafton is officially confirm the releasing date but we don’t know when they announced the releasing date of Battleground mobile India. we just hope that they confirm the releasing date of the Battleground mobile India game.

Battleground mobile India game new item teaser :

Krafton make hype for the game so that they continously trying to get attention on the Battleground mobile India game from the Indian fans. So At first they make announcement of Battleground mobile India and release the game teaser and after that they post the logo of the game.

And then they announce the pre-registration date and for a while they start the pre- registration of the Battleground mobile India from from 18th may 2021.

After all of this they release the new teaser of of the game, Which is a new Item of the game. That is a new “backpack of level-3”. ‘Yes’ they revels how level-3 backpack is looks like in the game.

We all know that level-3 backpack have highest capacity. And this backpack is top priority for the player, Players always search for this so that they can carry much more items like weapons, Guns, Grenade, Health kits, Scopes etc.

So Level-3 backpack is the new item is released by the Battleground mobile India. Its like a hint so that user have an idea for the game items in the game.

Krafton or pubg team updates the privacy polices of the Battleground mobile India with changing the name of the game. you can also read about the new privacy policies and terms of Battleground mobile India.

Maybe we see more items in some days before the release of the game. And also maybe we get official date announcement of releasing the “Battleground mobile India“. All we have to do is wait at that time…

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