Pubg back again in India, New version of pubg for India, Named “Battleground Mobile India” coming soon…

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Finally pubg re-launched in India for the Indians fans of player unknown battle ground…

“Player unknown battle ground” game, everyone knows about this game very well because this game is much-much popular in India as well as around the world. the game play of pubg is realistic and also with good graphics that is the reason pubg is most loved games in the list of top games.

But as we all know pubg was banned in India last year, because the Indian government banned hundreds of chinese application due data leaks through the chinese apps and also government worried about the user and Indian citizens privacy and security. Although pubg is not a chinese region game it is a korean game but this game is partnership with “tencent games” which is a chinese company. This is the reason pubg is banned in India with the list of chinese banned apps and games.

After the ban of pubg in India pubg team continuously tried to come back in India and also tried to convence the Indian government with following Indian rules and regulation, but nothing works. Every time Indian government deny the pubg unban. But pubg team continuously tried to convence the Indian government for re-launching of pubg. And also many rumors of unban pubg or about the releasing of pubg after ban.

When there is no hope of pubg unban the pubg team decides to break contract with tencent game for launching pubg in India and followed all the rules and regulation of Indian government for launching the game. And developed the Indian version of pubg for Indian fans.

And finally after a long time period of waiting it pays off . Now pubg team officially announced that pubg is re-launched through their official website. So we can say Pubg back again in India.

Pubg bak again in India

Name of Indian pubg game :

The name of the game is now “Battleground mobile India“. beacuse this is specialy made for the Indian fans.

Logo reveled with treasure :

Recently pubg team reveled the logo of “Battleground mobile India” on their official youtube channel. and also a treasure was uploaded on the youtube channel.

Pre-registration of the game :

And now Pubg mobile India officially announced the pre-registration date of the “Battleground mobile India” which is 18th may 2021. this is the pre-registration date when the pre-register of the game is started of the play store.

Privacy policy of Battleground mobile India :

previously pubg team faces very big issues regarding the privacy policy and also for the data collected by the game. But at this time pubg mobile India clearly mentioned all the information that they collect and mention all the policies on their official website.

Main Information collect by Battleground mobile india :

  • The main basic information collect by the pubg mobile India is device information like devices version and other information like IP address and user coolies or browsing history.
  • And also pubg mobile India mentioned that they uses the data for improving their service and also the mention where the data to be shared like on their cloud service and for marketing purpose data to be shared with their partners. Also mention that they delete the personal data of the user after received or archived the personal data uses.
  • The main policy of the game is for the under age user of India means for the under 18 user of the game and also pubg asked for the permission of parents of user and asked for the mobile numbers of the guardians of the user. And for better security if parents wants to delete the data of under aged user then they can do this with the help of pubg mobile support team.
  • One highlighted policy is that the pubg mobile stored the user data in India as well as is other country with better protection.
  • Also pubg mobile India provides their information like their address and email on their official website.

These are the main terms and policies of Battleground mobile India.

Note- Read all the terms and policies on the official website Battleground mobile India.

Battleground mobile India is fully customized for the Indian user. And all Indians fans were waiting for the Battleground mobile India hope this game available soon…

Battleground mobile India launch date reveled with new item teaser of the game.

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