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King of Crusader Strongholds is a new action RPG game that is set in the medieval world of Jerusalem. Players take control of a hero who must fight their way through the city to take down the evil king. The game features a wide variety of characters and weapons to choose from, as well as an interesting battle system that allows players to use their skills to take down their opponents.

Game Overview:

King of Crusader Strongholds is a free-to-play online strategy game, The game is set in the Middle Ages and focuses on the defense of castles. The player can choose from a variety of characters and battle against other players in order to control the most castles. The game is supported by microtransactions, and the player can purchase in-game items such as gold, troops, and castles.


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Defend your kingdom, conquer new strongholds, lead a campaign, and change into a king! With the distinctive mixture of wave protection, technique, idle recreation, and kingdom administration  You’re a medieval knight, serving your king as a mercenary. Impressed by your victorious battles and management expertise, the king gives you an opportunity of a lifetime – sail on a crusader ship to a brand new island and begin a settlement there.

King of Crusader Strongholds is a new mobile game that allows players to build and manage their own stronghold, complete with their very own troops and defenses. The game is designed to be both challenging and rewarding, with new features being added regularly to keep players engaged.

You can be in command of each settlement’s army and financial system. Your purpose is to construct up the crusader settlement, revenue from commerce and farming, after which use the revenue to enhance your military and defenses. Sturdy partitions manned by archers and ballistas will enable you to face up to fixed enemy assaults. To defend your settlement, you will want to coach your military, improve gear, and analyze new unit sorts.

Then, as soon as your financial system is up and working and your crusader military grows in measurement and energy, it’s time to go on the offensive and begin increasing your stronghold. Assault enemy outposts, conquer their partitions, and switch them into a brand new supply of revenue on your rising colony.

Welcome, future  King of Crusader Strongholds! Your first activity is to construct your small village on the coast of an unexplored island. Beginning with only an easy wood fence and a modest fort, you want to develop your defenses and prepare your crusader troopers to have the ability to defend themselves in opposition to infinite waves of enemies.

Game Features:

• Practice your troopers from easy peasants to skilled warriors

• Construct up defenses and strengthen your stronghold’s partitions

• Place expert archers and terrifying ballistic in your partitions

• Use your blacksmith to get higher swords and armors

• Craft extra highly effective bows and sharper arrows

• Conflict for survival in opposition to hordes of highly effective enemies

• Defeat epic bosses who will attempt to destroy your village

As your energy grows, you’ll quickly have the chance to take the initiative out of your enemies and go on the offensive. Begin conquering small neighboring outposts – take them, construct up their financial system, and begin incomes passive idle revenue even when offline!

Along with buying and selling ships, expert retailers, farmers, and income from repelled enemies, you’ll quickly be capable to construct even higher defenses, developing your community of money-making outposts, earning extra money farming useful crops, and conquering and uniting the entire island beneath your simply rule.

Build Empire:

King of Crusader Strongholds is a new and innovative strategy game that pits you against other players in a race to build the most powerful empire. You will need to manage your resources wisely as you build up your stronghold and amass an army to take on other players. The game features a variety of different buildings and units that you can use to achieve your goals, and there are plenty of challenges and secrets to be discovered if you are willing to explore the game. There are a lot of strategies involved in King of Crusader Strongholds, and it is sure to be a popular game with strategy fans.

King of Crusader Strongholds is a strategy game in which you build an empire, manage resources, and fight in epic battles to protect your kingdom. The game is based on the popular King of King’s strategy game series.

In King of Crusader Strongholds, you take on the role of a ruler of a kingdom, and your goal is to build an empire that is the greatest in the world. You’ll need to manage your resources carefully, and use them to build up your kingdom and army. You’ll also need to fight in epic battles to protect your kingdom from enemies, and eventually, you’ll be able to conquer other kingdoms and become the ruler of the world.

King of Crusader Strongholds is a great strategy game that features lots of action and epic battles. If you’re a fan of the King of King’s series or strategy games in general, you’ll definitely enjoy King of Crusader Strongholds.

Game options:

• 70+ enemy unit sorts with distinctive stats and expertise

• Boss ranges with big enemies

• 40+ enemy outposts to beat and develop your financial system

• Lovely pixel artwork recreation map and characters

• Idle revenue and commerce progress works even when you find yourself offline

• Your individual village, buying and selling a ship, retailers, blacksmith, farm

• Upgradable troopers, knights, archers, and quick horsemen at your service

• Partitions which might develop from easy wood fences to an enormous stone citadel wall

• Archers who may be positioned in your partitions to enhance passive defense

• Ballistas to spice up your defensive efforts

• Retailers and buying and selling ships as the supply of revenue

• Financial institution which automates gathering gold out of your outpost colonies

• Expert blacksmith to enhance your gear, armor, swords, and sharper arrows

• And extra enjoyable stuff is being added with every future replace!


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In King of Crusader Strongholds, you are the king of a stronghold. You must manage your resources, build up your defenses, and lead your troops in battle to defeat your enemies. The game features a variety of different types of combat, as well as strategic elements that will require you to think about your next move.


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