Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter ban in India from 26 may?… Will Indian govt. do this ?

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All the big social media giants platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Tweeter will ban in India from 25th may 2021, Or what are the reason behind this news…

At this time everyone talk about the ban of big social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tweeter, Youtube and also other social media platforms. And the dead line is 25th of may 2021, It means from today all these social media will banned or not.

So before we talk about this we need to know, From where it was all started and what is all about this news.

In february may 2021 Indian government announce the new guideline for the all social media platform or we can say update the guideline and rule for IT sector in India. And also give the 3 months time period for comply the new rules and the guideline for all the companies in India. And this is mandatory for every company which is in IT like social media platforms.

But at that time any of the company like big social media platform Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tweeter, Youtube didn’t take it seriously and now the dead line for comply the new rule rule is come. And now everyone afraid of banning their platforms in India.

In the list of social media companies, Some of the companies like “Koo India” who is owned “Koo app” comply the new rule and guidelines which is announced by the Indian government in may 2021. And other companies said that they working on this new rules and guideline with their US headquarters.

But the deadline for the comply of new guide line is over now. And also these companies tried to convince Indian government and want some extra time period which around “Six months” for comply the new rules and guideline from Indian government in India.

Facebook, instgagram, youtube, Whatsapp will banned in India

Why India government announce the new guideline and rule for the social media platforms :

We all know social media is misused and there is huge content for manipulate people on social media now days, And even we didn’t think twice before sharing misleading content on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tweeter, Youtube. And this is not the right way the use of social media platforms.

And also government try to control the misleading content on the social media platforms and tells the social media companies for control the misleading content and also remove from the social media platforms.

So Indian government announce or update the new guidelines and rules for all the social media platforms and give time period for the comply of new guideline to companies, which is over now.

Is really all social media platform will ban in India ? :

Currently we didn’t know about what happen next but the time period of comply the new guidelines and rule which is 25 may 2021 is over now. We all just wait for the announcement form the Indian government or from social media companies also.

But at past we all know that Indian government make strong rule and also very strict for applying those rules. Like we already see that Indian government banned of Tiktok, Pubg and other big platforms.

So didn’t say that no platform will ban or nothing is happen, We just wait for the announcement from Indian government what they decides and also form social media platforms what they do at this situation.

If we see in past like when Pubg banned, Then Indian government reject all the appeals and pubg continuously tried to convince for unban the pubg but Indian government choose privacy and security of the Indian user and didn’t unban the pubg. And now pubg made a new Indian version of Pubg which is “ Battleground Mobile India“.

All of this will happen with those companies also. An every social media company understand this.

So all we do is just wait for the good news on this topic.

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