5 Feature in Samsung smartphones, Everybody have to use in Emergency.

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5 Feature in Samsung smartphones, Every user have to use in Emergency situations and these features help us in real life. And maybe overcome our real life problems.

There are many features in the smartphones we used and those feature makes our task easy while using a smartphone. And also helpful when someone by a new smartphone.

The list of a smartphone feature and widgets is very long and every feature has own specialty because every feature widgets makes easy to use a smartphone for their users.

So let’s discuss the 5 unique feature of Samsung smartphone which are used in a emergency situation. And these features help us in that situation to get out of it.

5 Feature in Samsung smartphones

5 Feature in Samsung smartphones :

Find my mobile :

Find my mobile is a great feature in Samsung mobile phones. which is used when you lost your smartphone. then you may find you smartphone with the help of “Find my mobile” feature.

At fist you have to enable this in your samrtphone. So follow the steps to enable Findmy mobile feature.

Step 1 : Go to phone setting.

Step 2 : click on “Biometric and security“.

Step 3 : Scroll down and you will see “Find my mobile“. Here you can see the Information about Find my mobile if you lost your smartphone.

Step 4 : At first you have to add your Samsung account (just login with you email address) and turn on the Remote controls, Google location service and Send last location.

when you lost you smartphone then with the help of this feature you can control your device with Samsung account through the internet. And also it send the last location of your smartphone to your Samsung account.

And you can control your smartphone by visiting the above web address on the setting page.

Emergency call :

Emergency call feature is the most important and useful feature in the Samsung mobile smartphones. And maybe this feature is also available in other smartphone brands.

Emergency Call is useful when you are in some emergency and you don’t have time to open you lock and other make some calls.

In that situation you have to make as emergency contact list so that when you are in emergency then you don’t need to go inside the phone. you just make phone calls even the screen is locked.

Also if you are in emergency situation and some of other people try to help you but they don’t know you phone password then they can call your known ones even your screen is locked.

So that is the main use of the emergency call. And now learn how to add contact in the emergency list.

Step 1 : Press lock button of your smartphone.

Step 2 : press again lock button now you will see the emergency option below the password screen just click on that.

Step 3 : After that you will se the + sign, click on that sign and now it ask you to unlock you phone then you will able to add you emergency contacts.

Step 4 : Add your contact and click on save button.

Now you can see these contacts will added on your locked screen emergency section.

Factory reset after many attempt :

This option is used when someone is stole your smartphone and try to unlock your device then this feature erase you personal data after 15 incorrect attempts.

let’s know how to enable auto feactory reset.

Step 1 : Open phone setting.

Step 2 : Go to lock screen.

Step 3 : Then Go to secure lock setting.

Here you can see many feature and all other fature is usefull for locking the smartphone you can read all of these and use if you want to.

Also you will see here Auto factory reset click on toggle and enable it. And after the activation of this feature, When someone try to unlock your smartphone then after the 15 incorrect attempts it will erase all the data of you your smartphone.

Note : If you turned on this feature and you forgot you password then remember it will erase all the data of your phone. So its better to note down yours phone password somewhere and in case you forgot you will see there.

Panic mode :

In panic mode feature you will able to make call to emergency numbers and also send message to emergency number with just by pressing power button 3 times in a row.

Learn how to enable panic mode in you smartphones.

Step 1 : Open phone setting.

Step 2 : Go to Advance features.

Step 3 : Then Go to Panic mode an enable SOS message.

After that when you press power button 3 time then a emergency message is send to emergency number. And also this message is send to your emergency contact list if you added in the emergency section (Feature 2 : Emergency call).

Restore mobile data :

If you have Samsung account for backup your data then all the data of your smartphone data and you reset your phone by mistake then you can restore all the phone data from you Samsung account.

so follow the below step to use this features to restore data , Let’s discuss this feature.

Step 1 : Open phone setting.

Step 2 : Go to Cloud and accounts.

Step 3 : Then Go to Backup and restore.

Here you can see some option, At first you need to add Samsung account or backup the data after the adding the Samsung account you data is backed up in your Samsung account.

And if you reset your phone and want your data back the follow he same steps the Go to Restore data then your data is transferred from Samsung account to your smartphone.

That is how you can restore your smartphone data from your samsung account aftee reset of smartphone.

So these are 5 unique Feature in Samsung mobiles you need to use features definitely because these features help us in different situation and much important for all of us.

As we know every smartphones has different user interface (UI) because of their different brands of smartphones and maybe those feature is available in other smartphone brands.

You can also check new upcoming futuristic smartphone technologies which comes in upcoming smartphones.

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