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Mixu-live chat and free Video call application, And by the use of Mixu app users can talk with stranger and random people and also meet and make new friends around the world with just one platform.

As we know in the Era of internet we love to surfing on internet and also want to make new friends on different platforms and on different social media applications.

But its hard to find a trusted and genuine application where you can meet, Chat and talk on live video call to the other person in world of the internet. And As always many of us tried a lot of application before but they only get disappointment.

But not this time, Here we introduce to you a genuine, Original and Trusted application which is “Mixu-live chat and free Video call application“. And every one can use this application for free.

What is Mixu-live video calls and chat application :

Mixu-live chat and free Video call application where users can chat and do free video calls with the other interesting and genuine peoples from all over the world with just few clicks.

Simply we can say Mixu is a social media app where two stranger people can talk, Chat and make video calls to each other people. And people can make friends online the internet with the help of “Mixu-live chat and free Video call application” platform.

How Mixu app works and what are the features :

Mixu-live chat and free Video call application is different and new in some way. Where user can make video calls with other person online through internet and also do some chit-chat for free.

Users can Make video calls and send messages on their Wi-Fi and on mobile internet data. Also this application work 24×7 so that users can chat and do video calls in real time.

There are many unique and great feature of the Mixu-live chat and free Video call application

Features of Mixu-live chat and free Video call application :

Random Video calls :

In Mixu application when user do video call then call is connected randomly from all over the world. And also in Mixu app the random video call and chat is one- to-one. Means only two people can talk at a time on video call and on chat.

Users can chat in real-time and do video calls anytime because there is no time period of using the Mixu application.

Filters and effects :

In Mixu app user can use the beauty effect while doing video calls with other peoples. And also users can use exciting filters in video call and this feature make video calls more interesting.

Work with less data :

Mixu-live chat and free Video call application consume very low data for make video calls and also user can use Mixu App on both Wi-Fi and on mobile data network. Even this app using less data but the quality of video call and real time chat is pretty good.

So these are the Unique features of the Mixu-live chat and free Video call application .

How to download the Mixu app :

Step 1 : Open google play store.

Step 2 : Search “Mixu” on search bar.

Step 3 : Install and open Mixu Application.

Step 4 : Login with Facebook or with google account.

Step 5 : Enter you Name, Birth date and Gender and click “yes”.

Step 6 : Give required permission to the Mixu application.

Here you go, Now you can choose who you want to match with (Choose gender). And the tap on the screen. and now you can start video calls and chat on messages to random people and make them friends.

Also use unique feature of Mixu-live chat and free Video call application, For better experience while chatting and video calling with random people worldwide.

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