Really!!! Indian government giving 3 months free internet data to all?

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Indian government giving 3 months free internet data to all, This statement is true or it’s just a fake news…

Now days many of whatsapp messages is viral on whatsapp as well as on other social media platform. And again a news is spread through whatsapp messages that is “Indian government giving free internet for 3 months for all telecom users in India“. And also in this viral message all the telecom companies of India – Vodafone Idea(VI), Reliance JIO, Airtel and other telecom company is mentioned.

And the reason behind to mention the telecom companies as well as Indian government is that people can easily believe it is a true news or information and this is some of a gift to the users.

But this viral message is “Fake message” that Indian government giving free internet for 3 months for all telecom users. There is no official confirmation from Indian government or from telecom companies- Vodafone Idea(VI), Reliance JIO, Airtel and other telecom companies is giving free internet data for 3 months.

Also “Press Information Bureau (PIB)” has officially confirms that there is no offer or scheme like that and Indian government doesn’t give any kind of free data to users. And claims that it is Misinformation or a fake message.

Press Information Bureau (PIB)” also warned people to be careful and not to believed such fake viral whatsapp messages. And tells people not to click on these message links. All these messages are fake.

Indian government giving 3 months free internet

So beware from all these fake messages, Also maybe those message were a trap and when you click on these message links they steal you phone data like personal information or even bank details and also steal your money.

As we all know few day ago a fake message is gone viral that is Indian government try to control user whatsapp information and also a fake TICK message, In this fake message they try to explain that Indian government keep eyes on whatsapp user and also read peoples private messages.

And that Indian government denied by this news and said that this is a fake message also Indian government didn’t do this and no private messages is read by the government.

So if you received these type of messages delete immediately and don’t forward or share these links and messages. Because it is all a scam.

Also some time fake messages contains a link and when you click on the link that a third party application starts downloading or redirect you to the another where if you click on some APK downloads automatically in your phone. And those third party application may be a threaten for you and for your privacy.

Those third party application developed by some scammers or by hackers and when you install these application in your phone, You give all access of your phone to the scammers or hackers and they steal you all personal data and other details.

So do not believe on these tricky fake messages and if someone send you these type of messages tell him/her that all these messages are fake and. And don’t forward these type of links, messages and news until that news is officially announced by government or by mentioned company.

And first check on your behalf and confirm that the news or message you received form people or from groups is true or not. And if it’s not then take some action and tells peoples that this news or message is fake and don’t forward this message ahead.

Those all viral messages are mostly scams so be careful from all these message and protect yourself and your data from scammers or from hackers.

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