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Tales of Luminaria v1.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money):

Download Tales of Luminaria is a brand new Tales anime RPG recreation for cellular! You possibly can get pleasure from a high-quality anime RPG recreation with 21 protagonists. Discover your favorite character and discover the world of Tales collectively!

Luminaria is a 3D, dark fantasy-themed action RPG set in a rich and detailed world. You play as a young woman who awakens in a dark and mysterious forest, with no recollection of who or what she is. As you explore the forest and its many secrets, you’ll learn that you’re not the only one with secrets and that the fate of the world rests in your hands.

In Luminaria, you can choose to play as a female character or a male character. You can also choose to play as either a human or a vampiric character. In addition to these three character types, you can also play as a werewolf, a sorceress, or a warlock. You can also choose to play as a thief, a bard, or a cleric.

There are a variety of different character classes to choose from in Luminaria, each with its own unique abilities and attacks. You can also choose to specialize in one of the five

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About Tales of Luminaria Mod Apk Offline:

Tales of Luminaria is a new JRPG from Comcept, the development team behind the critically acclaimed game, Mighty No. 9. As the new Chosen One, it is up to you to restore order to the shattered world of Luminaria and put an end to the dark forces that threaten its survival.

In Tales of Luminaria, you will join forces with a colorful cast of characters to battle dark forces and restore peace to the world. Along the way, you will collect unique weapons and abilities to aid you in your quest.

Tales of Luminaria is a visually stunning game that will take you on an adventure to the far reaches of the world. With a unique combat system and an expansive world to explore, Tales of Luminaria is sure to appeal to JRPG fans and newcomers alike.

Tales of Luminaria Game Features:

-Need to play an epic anime RPG with an intricate storyline set in a fantasy world.

-Have performed RPG video games from the Tales collection.

-Love Japanese anime and video games and am on the lookout for a brand new Japanese RPG.

-Are trying to find a 3D motion RPG and journey RPG.

-Need to play an anime RPG recreation that has many engaging characters.

-Play MMORPGs and online RPGs.

-Need to play a motion RPG and a 3d RPG.

-Get pleasure from lovely graphics and anime photographs in RPG video games.

-Need to play an anime journey RPG that they will get pleasure from with mates in multiplayer battles.

-Need to play a high-quality anime RPG.

-Love Japanese manga and anime video games.

The Game Story Unlimited Stones:

Every one of the 21 protagonists has a unique objective and distinct storyline through which they have to comply with the trial they consider in. Regardless of irritating challenges, they develop steadily, and confront them strongly!

Select a protagonist and assist them to survive this turbulent world with utmost focus! Additionally, you will meet numerous characters you will have by no means seen earlier than, but develop to like them deeply!

Game Mod Apk:

In this world, prosperity is constructed by the“Mana” produced by the mysterious big life type“Primordial Beasts” that transcends human data. The Federation regards Primordial Beasts as sacred and emphasizes coexistence with nature, whereas the Empire depends upon Primordial Beasts as a power supply to develop their expertise and civilization.

By means of this battle of conflicting concepts of justice, the ideas of each enemy and mate are proven from numerous angles!

Tales of Luminaria is a game with a lot of features to offer players. The game is set in a world of magic and adventure, and players will be able to explore the world, complete quests, and battle against enemies in order to save the world from destruction.

There are a lot of different characters and monsters players can encounter in the game, and the game offers players a lot of different ways to customize their characters. There are also a lot of different weapons and items players can find in the game, and players will be able to use these items in order to defeat enemies and save the world.

Tales of Luminaria is an action role-playing game that allows the player to explore a world filled with adventure and peril. The game features a variety of game options that allow players to customize their experience and tailor the game to their own playing style.

The game includes a variety of game modes, including a story mode that follows the story of the game’s characters, a multiplayer mode that allows players to team up and adventure together, and a challenge mode that tasks players with completing specific objectives. The game also features a variety of character customization options, including the ability to change the character’s hair, clothing, and accessories.

Game Graphics And Sound Effect Of Mod Tales of Luminaria Mod Apk:


The graphics of the Tales of Luminaria game are very high definition and colorful. This is one of the best-looking games on the market, and that’s not just because it’s for the Wii U. The graphics are eye-catching and very immersive. The game looks like it was designed for a big-screen television.

One of the things that makes the graphics so great is the way the game takes advantage of the Wii U’s hardware. The textures are high resolution, and the game looks detailed even when it’s zoomed in. The characters look realistic, and the environments are lush and colorful.

The game’s battle system is also top-notch. The characters look fierce as they clash swords, and the animations are very fluid. The backgrounds in the battle scenes are also very detailed, and they add a lot of visual interest to the battlefield.

Sound Effect:

The Tales of Luminaria game features an epic soundtrack that will transport you to the world of the game. The soundtrack is composed by Yuka Nakamura, and it will evoke feeling of adventure, excitement, and tension. The soundtrack is available on Bandcamp, and you can listen to it below.


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Tales of Luminaria Mod Apk GamePlay:

Tales of Luminaria is an action RPG game set in a world of light and shadow. As a member of the Freelancer company, your mission is to find and defeat the evil god, Xande. Along the way, you’ll adventure through a variety of locations, defeat formidable enemies, and collect powerful items.

In Tales of Luminaria, you control one of four characters and fight with a variety of weapons and magic. You can also use your character’s special abilities to help you progress through the game. If you’re successful, you’ll earn rewards that will help you on your quest.

Tales of Luminaria is an exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you’re a fan of RPG games, you’ll definitely want to check it out.


The game will include different modes, such as an adventure mode where the player controls the characters, and a battlefield mode where players can control multiple characters at once.


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