Google Maps Incognito Mode… How it works and how to enable it…

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Google updates the google maps incognito mode feature, With incognito mode users do private and safe searches of places …

At first “Incognito mode” only available in google chrome where users keep their privacy safe with safe browsing. User hide their browsing history and personal information while browsing with incognito mode in google chrome.

Recently google updates the incognito mode feature in google maps also. While using the google maps users turn on the incognito mode and keep their searches safe and private. So that other people won’t see user browsing when uses their phone.

Google Maps Incognito Mode
google maps

How to enable google maps Incognito mode :

Step 1 : Update or install the latest version of google maps on your smartphone.

Step 2 : Open the google maps application on smartphone.

Step 3 : Tap on profile icon (On top right corner).

Step 4 : Click on ” Turn on incognito mode“.

Google maps automatically restart with incognito mode on pop-up message.

Step 5 : For turn of incognito mode, Tap on incognito mode icon ( right top corner).

Google maps automatically restart without incognito mode.

How “Incognito mode” works :

Google maps Incognito mode work much similar with google chrome incognito mode. After turn on the incognito mode of google maps than maps doesn’t save user search history or browsing. Also maps does not save shared location of the user.

Mainly google maps does not uses user activity for the google maps. And when someone use your mobile does not see your searches and browsing history while using incognito mode.

While using the google maps with incognito mode user can’t use microphone and google assistant. These feature work when user turn off incognito mode.

Incognito mode is the new feature of google maps and it is very useful for the user while user do safe and private browsing this feature available on both platforms android and also on IOS.

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