How to change folder icon on windows (XP,VISTA, window7, WINDOW 8, WINDOW 10 etc.)…Learn quickly …

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Here you can learnHow to change folder icon on windows” in your PC, Laptop or in dekstop easily…

Everyone loves to learn about new things mainly who love technology and other related stuff like using computer or gaming or using as a professional. And a desire to know about features on windows as much as they can.

So they start exploring some new things, New feature so that they find something they never seen before. And uses the features in their daily life, Also its sound like pretty cool when you start learning new things.

When we work on our laptop or dekstop and even when we doing some stuff like playing game, sharing data between phone and computer or just spend time on the laptop/dekstop, Then we need to make some folders in (partition D,E,F) for storing data files (The partition name may changed in every computer because we gave name to partition while doing windows on device), So that we use save our data in folder and also we gave name to the folders. so that we can easily find out what type of data is in that particular folder.

But some time we just try to make this thing more easy so that we can arrange our personal data easily. Rather that just giving name to the folders we also add some dates on folders name. So that just remember on what date we made this folder and using this we easily remember our data in our computer or in laptop.

And just checking every single folder while finding data we need urgently at that time and this is time consuming process, Also a mental pressure build up at that time if the data is more important.

But hold on there is a always a solution for all the problems, And this problem also have solution, And with this solution you can easily arrange your data in effective manner. And you can easily find out your personal data when you need the most.

How to change folder icon on windows
change folder icon

So what is the solution?… The solution is we can change the folder icon according to our data. Means we can change the folder icon according to what type of data is in the particular folder for example If folder contain some document file then we can change folder icon as a file graphic And if folder contain some music file the you can change folder icon with music graphic and much more…

Now question is how can we do this?… so just simply follow the steps and then you can do this very easily…

How to change folder icon on window :

Step 1 : Make a new folder and if you want give a name to that folder then you can give.

Step 2 : Right click on folder and open properties of that folder. Now you in general property of the folder.

Step 3 : Go to customize > Click on change Icon. A pop-up shows.

Step 4 : Here we are, We can choose any icon according to our data which is in folder. Also there are many icons.

Step 5 : Choose any icon and click “Ok” then click “apply” And OK.

After that you can see the icon of the folder is changed. Now you can arrange your important data very easily so that when you need that data you can find out quickly in which folder you stored your data .

So here is the simplest method for changing the folder icon And also you don’t want to need any software for changing the folder icon in laptop/pc or dekstop on windows.

And you can change the folder icon in any window by using above simple steps. These steps work in every window.

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