How to share data files without any software in android smartphones fastly…

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Here is the special key feature for sharing data files in android

There are many methods for sharing data from one phone to other phone like by using different type of application, and those application is available on play store.

There are many popular application which is used for data sharing from one smartphone to other smartphones like JIO switch, files by google and many more.

And we all know last year hundreds of chinese application banned in India because of data leaks of the user. So India government decides to banned those application, And there is named shareit is much popular and have millions of download in India. Shareit is also banned in India by Indian government.

After that people start switching to Indian sharing application like JIO switch and also a trusted sharing application like file by google and many more.

But here is a simple way for data sharing between smartphone without using any application or software, Also you don’t need to install any application or third party application in smartphones.

Because this feature is already available in almost every smartphone but only few people know about this feature and use this feature for sharing of data files.

Name of this feature is nearby share and this feature is inbuilt available in almost every smartphones.

You just need to follow some simple steps and after that you also use this feature for sharing your file with others.

nerby share

Steps for using nearby share feature :

Step 1 : Bring down your notification panel and search nearby share by icon with name nearby share. if nor found then click on three bar and select button order. Then you can see nearby share icon after that add this icon into notification panel.

Step 2 : If this icon is not found in notification panel the not to worry about that, You just need to open your phone settings > go to google after that you need to open device connections, here you can see the nearby share option.

Step 3 : Click on nearby share and turn it on, here you can see your device name and other details which used while connecting with other smartphones.

You need to follow same steps for other smartphone if other smartphone don’t have nearby share icon in notification panel otherwise you just need to on this from notification panel.

Step 4 : After that it will ask you for turn on the WIFI, Bluetooth and for location then click on ” turn on” and then your device is visible to other devices.


You can directly select your file you want to share and click on share option and then search nearby share and click on this and then you again on the 4th step.

Step 5 : Do same steps on other phone for sharing, also you need to open this while sharing and for visibility of other smartphone.

Step 6 : when device is found you need to accept the permission from sending smartphone and then data transfer is started.

Transferring speed is depend upon the size of data files, But the transferring speed of data files is pretty good.

Here are many user who don’t want to use any application for sharing of data file after the ban of shareit and other sharing application because of data leaks in these sharing application.

This is the best way for sharing files from one smartphones to other smartphone without installing any application in android smartphone. And this is feature is inbuilt in almost every smartphones so no need to worry about the privacy security.

So this is the special or underrated feature for data sharing without using and application or software in smartphones. For using the nearby share feature for data transferring follow above easy steps and enjoy.

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