How to translate languages into other languages Instantly, Easy translation…

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Here is the simplest way to translate any language into other global languages or find the meaning of any word into your language…

There are many ways to translate any word or any any language into your region language like you can use and dictionary application and software for translation. But from all of that application most of the third party application and they didn’t give you the exact spell and pronounce of that word or the line.

Most of the people hesitate when they speak other language or even they don’t know the spell or proper meaning of that particular word or the meaning of the line what other speak or even in the chatting on whatsapp or on other social media platform.

But not to worry about that there is easy and simple as well as a trusted way to translate language into different languages. Also you don’t need to install and dictionary software application for translation.

google translate

How to translate languages into other languages :

Only need to do is, Follow these simple steps…

Step 1 : Go to play store or app store

Step 2 : Search “Google Translate” and install the application

Step 3 : Open and give permission to application

And now here you can translate any language into other languages, Select your language on left side and choose language you want to translate. And enter text or word below and you can see the translation is automatically run while you type every single word or line.

Even so can translate full paragraph and you can find translation into other language which you select for the translation below.

Features of google translate :

  • you can translate language while you are offline. you just need to go on bar on left side>Go to offline translation> and choose language you want to translate offline.
  • If you don’t want to write any word not to worry about that you can simply select mic option on upper right side and now you can speak and the word types automatically while you speak.
  • Using the camera feature you can translate any written text like form the book or from other written text by clicking instant or scan option. And even you can translate an text image from your phone just need to click import> choose and text image and translate immediately.
  • By using the feature of conversion option you can directly translate any language while you talking with someone else you speak other language you just need to select other person language and your language.
  • Even you can translate any speech form other person by choosing transcribe option.
  • Also in case you need to translate a word and you forgot the translation. so you don’t need to type again and again> You can find your past translations in below history.

And the main and important feature is you can translate word instantly while using other application or when you suffering, You just need to go to bas on left side> select setting> and click tap on translate and enable this feature. and when you browse then select text and directly click on translate where you can translate immediately.

So this is the simple and easy way to translate any language in to other language with interesting features of translation.

And the main thing is this is as google application so you can trust on this application and use for translation for free.

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