How to uninstall or remove avast antivirus completely from windows…

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There are many methods for uninstall of avast antivirus but Here is the simplest solution for uninstalling of avast antivirus from windows.

Avast is a popular antivirus globally. Avast is antivirus software that protest user comupter from different type of viruses as well as avast is a security software that provide user a better security from malwares.

Avast antivirus is security and antivirus application developed by “Avast” and this application is available for windows, IOS linux, macOS and also available for the android. Avast is available for free and also a paid version for extra feature and better security for the user.

Also avast antivirus is much popular around the world so that avast is available in 45 different languages for the easy use of the antivirus.

There are many window user who is using avast antivirus for the protection of the computer from malware and viruses, and also using avast antivirus for better security reasons. But users seems in trouble while uninstalling the avast antivirus software from there computer or PC’s.

While uninstalling of avast antivirus users can’t uninstall avast antivirus software completely from there windows and phases many problems. This is because avast antivirus software didn’t uninstall directly from control panel. And also users try to remove program files of avast antivirus files from the “C” partition or from window partition.

But from above methods nothing can uninstall avast antivirus completely from windows. But there is a simple methods for uninstalling of avast antivirus from windows completely.

How to uninstall or remove avast antivirus completely from windows :

Follow the steps for uninstalling of avast antivirus

Step 1 : Go to google and search “Avast uninstall utility” this is the tool for uninstall avast antivirus software from windows, you can download this tool directly from avast antivirus website.

Step 2 : After download right click on setup file select “Run as administrator”.

Step 3 : There is a permission dialog for the changer on computer select “yes”.

Step 4 : Again a dialog popup for the permission of start PC in safe mode click “yes”.

Step 5 : Then window start in safe mode, this tool automatically path of avast file for uninstalling unless and unit you changed it while installing, IF you changed the path while installing then you need choose directory path manually.

Step 6 : Click on uninstall and wait for a while until this software remove all the avast file from your computer.

Step 7 : After that a dialog comes with a permission for restart of computer, After the restart avast antivirus software completely removed from the computer.

Note: If user avoid the restart the computer so there are some file stayed on the current location directory of avast. So it is necessary to restart the computer after uninstalling of avast antivirus software.

This is the simplest method of uninstalling of avast antivirus software completely form windows. And also this is the official method for uninstalling of avast antivirus provided on the avast website by avast.

These uninstalling steps of avast software is used for the windows 8 . But don’t worry about that there is all similar process for uninstalling avast form windows 10 and also in windows 7.

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